Vision Statement
Metropolitan College values educational services through a high quality approach. The Institute is unique as it serves a clientele with vibrant potentiality to contribute to country's economic growth, but kept under-educated by social forces in the form of restrictive practices of regulatory authorities, distances to centres of learning and finances etc. The institute has established collaborative linkages with international institutions and the industry for innovative direction and instructions on creative activities.

Metropolitan College is developing a culture of innovation in its overall conceptual design and organization and will utilize varied and new instructional approaches including distance education through electronic and multimedia. The education programs of Metropolitan College integrate modern learning separated by distance and technology recognizing the importance of global inter-dependence to provide quality of life, development of student faculties, and the country. The Metropolitan College will emphasize courses central to the economy's long term needs and regularly update the products marketed through research into curricula development.
Our Mission
The MC is committed to meet the country’s priorities in higher/professional education. MC believes the country’s present environment for rapid and dramatic growth as particularly advantageous to achieve goals and proposes to enhance the opportunities through an effective product development and marketing strategy. In this direction administrative linkages will be established with Governmental organizations local business and industry and work training programs and research programs initiated to achieve educational needs. In addition the uniqueness of the organization is the broad opportunity offered to the students to continue their studies from various professional bodies throughout the world particularly the UK.

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